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Social cohesion and fragility

Research aimed at understanding how inter- and intra-group relationships within a society influence its development and play a role in creating or mitigating drivers of division and tensions.

Reconciliation and Transitional Justice

Research aimed at understanding opportunities and barriers for reconciliation and accountability to promote peaceful co-existence in divided communities.

Post-Conflict Political Economy

Research aimed at understanding how conflict has impacted economic relations and livelihood opportunities among a strongly diverse population and how baseline inequalities can be addressed.



We accept projects that fit within the area of the above triangle, have ownership of our projects and partner with other organizations or propose our research projects.





Social Cohesion and Fragility


  • Urban profiling of displaced populations in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq (UNCHR)

  • Toward more socially dynamic community revitalization in Iraq (IOM)

  • Social, economic and safety dynamics influencing early recovery programming in Nineveh and Salahaddin Governorates Iraq (DRC)

  • Fostering the sustainability of reintegration support in the framework of Assisted Voluntary Return and Reintegration (AVRR) in the Mediterranean (Samuel Hall)


  • Supporting a strategy for countering violent extremism in Anbar and Nineveh Governorates (Sanad & Canadian Dvp Agency)

  • Designing a Returns Index: Assessing the quality and sustainability of returns across Iraq (IOM-DTM)

  • Population return trends, protection, and social dynamics in northern Ninewa  (DRC /UNHCR)


Reconciliation and Transitional Justice



  • Lessons learned for justice-sensitive and rights-based stabilization in Iraq (IOM)

  • Nineveh paths to social cohesion, coexistence and peace (Un Ponte Per)

  • Housing, land and property and the use of technology for documentation among displaced people (McGill University)

  • Integrated reconciliation in Iraq for establishment of Peace Committees in Salahaddin (Sanad & UNDP)


  • Conflict fragility and social dynamics in Diyala (Sanad & UNDP)

  • Advancing the role of Iraqi minorities in stabilization and governance: Developing indicators of conflict (USIP)


Post-Conflict Political Economy


  • Insert project


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Evaluation and Baseline-Endline comparison on promoting reconciliation in crisis-affected areas of Iraq (Mercy Corps)

Evaluation of Ceasefire Program for protecting human rights of vulnerable citizens in Iraq (Minority Rights Group)