Examining the ties that bind us and the forces that pull us apart.

We are inquiry.

Social Inquiry is a non-profit research organization examining the ties that bind us and the forces that pull us apart.


What we do

Our main research objective is to influence debate, policy and practice oriented at establishing civic trust and repairing the social fabric within and between groups in fragile communities. Contact us.

Ways we work

We address conflict-affected and/or fragile societies through creative and cross-disciplinary applied research that explores their intersecting political, social, psychological, economic, and historical dimensions. Read us.

Who we are

We are an international, interdisciplinary, and dynamic team of researchers with combined backgrounds in human development, transitional justice, social cohesion, politics, security, and anthropology. About us.


Our Programs

Our research programs cover three broad intersecting thematic areas. Within each of these, we conduct innovative qualitative, quantitative, and mixed-methods studies combining the subject-matter expertise of our researchers with in-depth knowledge of context and methods of analysis and critical thinking.



Research within this program is centered on unpacking how intra- and inter-group relationships as well as citizen-state interactions within a society influence its development and play a role in creating or mitigating drivers of divisions and tensions.



Research in this newest program is focused on discerning how conflict impacts economic relationships and livelihoods opportunities among diverse populations and the ways in which baseline inequalities can be addressed to reduce fragility and division.


Research here is aimed at understanding opportunities and barriers for reconciliation and accountability (including and beyond criminal justice) and the ways in which reconciling with historical grievances can promote or hinder peaceful co-existence and trust in institutions within divided societies.

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