We are inquiry.

Social Inquiry is a non-profit research organization examining the ties that bind us and the forces that pull us apart.


What we do

Our main research objective is to influence debate, policy and practice oriented at establishing civic trust and repairing the social fabric within and between groups in fragile communities.

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Social Inquiry is a non-profit research institution established in 2017, currently based in Iraq.


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Extensive Experience

With over 10 years of combined experience in humanitarian, development, and post-conflict settings, the Social Inquiry team designs and conducts nuanced, on the ground research to help shape programming and policy as well as foster dialogue and action for positive, rights-based social change in fragile societies. We work in collaboration with international, national, and local stakeholders.



We address conflict-affected societies through creative and cross-disciplinary applied research that explores the intersecting political, social, psychological, economic, and historical dimensions of fragile societies.

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On the Ground

Social Inquiry’s recent work in Iraq has mixed quantitative and qualitative approaches to understand displacement and return and the social dynamics ensuing from legacies of conflict, repression, and inequity.



We are an international, interdisciplinary, and dynamic team of researchers with combined backgrounds in human development, transitional justice, social cohesion, politics, security, and anthropology.

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Thoughts and theories from Social Inquiry experts.

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