Photo Credits

The images used on our site are original photographs taken by our Social Inquiry team. They have been taken with the intention of illustrating the structural details and environmental context of the locations where we work. In images where the subject is identifiable, consent was given. Below is a list of the individuals who have provided us with photos and the respective location of each image.


  • Logo: Michelle Zatta

  • Photo 1: Hand on a door, Nadia Siddiqui, (al-Qush)

  • Illustration: Displacement in Iraq, Miriam Sugranyes


  • Photos 1-5: Citadel portraits, Sogand Afkari (Erbil)

  • Photo 6: Citadel portrait, Joshua Stacey (Erbil)

  • Photo 7: Portrait, Melissa Miller (Washington D.C.)


  • Photo 1: Old men in the streets, Nadia Siddiqui (Altun Kupri)

  • Photo 2: Ceiling, Roger Guiu (Kirkuk)

  • Photo 3: Blue gas station, Joshua Stacey (Falluja)


  • Photo 1: Looking through the window, Joshua Stacey (Hamdaniya)

  • Photo 2: Photos on the wall, Joshua Stacey (Baghdad)

  • Illustration: Displacement in Iraq, Miriam Sugranyes

  • Photo 3: Old house door, Roger Guiu (Bashiqa)

  • Map: Al Qaim density map, Roger Guiu

  • Photo 4: Dusty road, Ilhab Akbar (Diyala)

  • Photo 5: Truck, Roger Guiu (Tikrit)

  • Photo 6: Dock on Tigris, Nadia Siddiqui (Wana)

  • Photo 7: Tiles, Roger Guiu (Kirkuk)

  • Photo 8: Mud wall, Roger Guiu (Sinjar)

  • Photo 9: Mosul signposts, Roger Guiu (Mosul Road)

External Publications

  • Photo 1: Detail of citadel, Roger Guiu (Kirkuk)