“Ideas are More Dangerous than Deeds”: Street-level Perspectives of Violent Extremism in Ninewa Governorate, Iraq


The roots of violent extremism vary by context and entail a number of structural and enabling factors as well as individual incentives – understanding these elements at the micro-level is key to designing an effective strategy for countering violent extremism (CVE). With a focus on Ninewa Governorate in Iraq in the aftermath of the ISIS conflict (2014-2017), Sanad for Peacebuilding and Social Inquiry, with support from the Government of Canada, conducted a mixed-methods study of community perspectives of violent extremism, across ethno-religious communities therein. Particular focus was paid to views on past and present radicalization, drivers of violent extremism, promoters of it and their means, characteristics of those who radicalized, their reintegration into the community, those at risk now, and ongoing frustrations in the aftermath of conflict.

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