Return Index Thematic Series


As more people return to their places of origin than remain displaced in Iraq, it is necessary to know the severity of conditions in the locations to which they are returning, how this changes over time, and finally, which locations have limited returns and why, to shape strategies for intervention and resource allocation. The new Return Index is a tool developed to measure this in over 1,400 return locations in the country. These reports provide insights on the tool, its methods, regular findings, and uses of data.




Return Index Iraq: Findings Round One

This first report on the Return Index provides an initial background of the index design and methodology, as well as a discussion of the severity of conditions across locations for returnees based on data collected in July 2018.

Download Findings from Round One here.


Return Index Iraq: Findings Round Two

The second Return Index report provides a comparative analysis between the initial round of data collection and the latest round in October 2018, including tracking several hotspots of severity.

Download Findings from Round Two here.


Return Index Iraq: Findings Round THREE

The third Return Index report consists of a new baseline measurement of the severity of living conditions for the returnee population in Iraq. It’s built on a revised list of indicators developed in consultation with relevant partners and stakeholders to better reflect the changing displacement context.

Download Findings from Round Three here.



Return Index Iraq: Findings Round FOUR

The fourth round of the Return Index presents a comparative analysis between rounds 3 and 4 focusing on changes in:
1. the number of returnees living in severe conditions, overall and across both index scales, at the governorate and district levels;
2. the list of locations with the highest severity conditions;
3. the return conditions within hotspots identified at subdistrict level for each governorate.

Download Findings from Round Four here.


The Physical and Social Dimensions of Housing in Conflict-Affected Areas

The Return Index Thematic Series provides singular analysis and deep insights on individual indicators within the index. In this first thematic report, the focus is on housing, specifically, house destruction and reconstruction as well as illegal occupation, exploring their links with other indicators and placing them within the broader historical, social, political, and economic context of Iraq.

Download the Thematic Report on Housing here.

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