Psychosocial Dimensions of Displacement: Prevalence of Mental Health Outcomes and Related Stressors among IDPs in Iraq


Mental health concerns of the internally displaced in Iraq are understudied. So is the relationship between these symptoms and other socio-economic and place-related factors that IDPs face in displacement. This study, one of the first large quantitative nationally representative analyses of post-2014 camp and non-camp IDPs in Iraq, seeks to fill this gap, focusing on symptoms related to depression, post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD), and somatoform disorders as well as the correlation of these to IDP demographic, economic, and conflict-related factors.  Uncovering these relationships may help to further provide assistance to IDPs, not only in terms of mental health care but with respect to the more structural factors that influence mental health and hinder the possibility for the displaced to achieve durable solutions.

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