Social Dynamics for Early Recovery Programming: Tikrit and al-Alam, Salahaddin


This research, carried out by Social Inquiry in collaboration with the Danish Refugee Council (DRC), served to help in guiding the approach and implementation of early recovery programming in these areas and focused particularly on improving social cohesion. The need for this programming and analysis is evident given Tikrit and al-Alam’s significance as a centre of power under the Baath regime and its reversal of fortune in aftermath of the Iraq War, including the arrival of the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS) into the area in 2014. The growing interplay between past, current, and emerging dynamics makes it critical to gain an understanding of how ordinary people, both returnees and those displaced, living in these areas feel about their current situation ahead of implementing large-scale early recovery programming focused on community-driven approaches to resilience and livelihoods; governance and service delivery; social cohesion; and protection.

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